Sana Jamal

Managing Editor

Sana Jamal has 6+ years experience in journalism as News Reporter, Feature Writer, Editor, Photographer. She is the founder and manager of Islamabad Scene. She has worked for Tribune International, Global Voices, Pakistan Observer, TVI, IRIA.

Salma Khalid

News Manager

Salma is a passionate writer, ardent reader and friendly teacher. She enjoys writing and reading everything from education to technology to business. She writes about ideas and issues that matter and make us better in some way.

Nuzhat Khurshid

Social Media Manager

Nuzhat Khurshid is a dedicated mother, passionate writer and documentary-maker with profound interest in national and international issues. She loves to read books, take photographs and explore nature.

Baber Mushtaq

Business Development Consultant

Baber Mushtaq is a passionate professional Marketer, a foodie by default and an obsessed reader. He loves socializing and exploring nature.