Your guide to the best things to do in Islamabad

Explore Islamabad city’s best museums and attractions, natural beauties to historical places, from food guides to shopping info, and all the travel information you need to plan your trip to Islamabad.

Getting around Islamabad

With this getting around Islamabad guide, you will easily navigate the city and enjoy your stay in Islamabad’s capital.

Where to stay in Islamabad

Islamabad Scene present some of the best options for every mood and budget, from luxurious to affordable living.

nature and parks in Islamabad

Hiking, Biking, Boat rides, Bird Watching, Hill climbing, morning/evening walks are some of the options to discover Islamabad’s nature at its best.

Must see places in Islamabad

Check out all the must-visit places in Islamabad while you are in the city.

Shopping in Islamabad

Shopping in Islamabad is a convenient experience as there are big shopping malls as well as central shopping area in each sector of the city.

Food in Islamabad

Find out about the best Islamabad restaurants, cafes, food streets, ice cream parlours, bakeries and much more.

Events in Islamabad

Islamabad city has much to offer travelers and residents throughout the year from natural beauty of the city to interesting local events.

Art Scene in Islamabad

Islamabad has a vibrant art scene and some great places of interest for art lovers. Check out more here.