Falling in love with Islamabad city

By Syeda Irum Fatima – Visiting Islamabad after 15 years, I am totally amazed to see so many changes in my city. The innovative infrastructure, new building, parks and recreational areas, shopping malls, has truly transformed Islamabad from the city it was in 2000.


Golden shower of Laburnum tree (Amaltas) in Islamabad

By Ishrat Hyatt – Brilliant yellow flowers of the Laburnum tree also known as the ‘Golden Shower’ are medium-sized tree that grows to about 10m in height and can be seen in many places peeking out from the dense green belts in Islamabad.


Discovering Pakistan – a land of gentleness and wonder

By Titania Veda – Yoga Experience in Charismatic Chitral – In May 2015, I travelled to northern Pakistan and joined a yoga retreat led by Aisha Chapra which was an enchanting experienced in beautiful Chitral.


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